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ZymeFlow® Decon Technology offers unique benefits to the gas industry for faster and safer cleaning of equipment. Gas plants, compression stations, and pipeline facilities around the world have seen the incomparable results of using specialty chemistry to eliminate contaminants in both modular and full maintenance turnaround projects.


With a dynamic range of proprietary chemistry, ZymeFlow is able to achieve the elimination of benzene, LEL, hydrogen sulfide, pyrophoric iron sulfide, and residual hydrocarbon buildup in even the most remote locations. Expert planners first develop a cleaning strategy based on the equipment scope, resources available, contaminants, and other applicable details to minimize downtime while maximizing results. Various application methods can be utilized including the proprietary Vapour-Phase® process. Applying the chemistry into the steam, it is able to travel throughout the system with as little as one injection point treating isolated areas of the plant.


ZymeFlow chemistry is also unique in that it is a safe and environmentally friendly line of products. Effluent and disposal is much simpler than traditional chemical cleaning. In most situations the effluent can be sent directly down the salt water disposal well or mobilized in frac tanks with no issues. A plan can be developed for disposal based on each customer’s key performance indicators or environmental requirements.


ZymeFlow Decon has a wide range of experience in cleaning gas plant equipment. For more information on the decontamination of equipment involved in gas plant facilities, contact us here.






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