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Health and Safety

For over 25 years, ZymeFlow® Decon Technology has been trusted with the safety of personnel, equipment, WWTP, and the environment during decontamination. ZymeFlow is incredibly proud of its safety record of zero recordable incidents. This accomplishment is attributed to highly trained and experienced personnel, minimum equipment needed for a project, and an unmatched attention to safety details.


ZymeFlow Decon Technology is unique in that its chemistry line is extremely efficient yet safe and free of volatile organic compounds. The core product, Zyme-Flow® UN657, is biodegradable, wastewater friendly, non-exothermic, and both REACH and Cefas certified. The chemistry is pH neutral and is compatible with any metallurgy, seals, and gaskets.


Waste Water Friendly


ZymeFlow Decon Technology chemistries have minimal impact on wastewater and the environment. Zyme-Flow expends itself so as it reacts with sulfides, it irreversibly changes structure and becomes water insoluble. Therefore, the spent chemistry does not go into the water stream and never ends up in the wastewater treatment plant. Zyme-Flow was originally developed for wastewater treatment plants; even at full application strength it has both a low biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD). Using a U.S. EPA certified laboratory, Zyme-Flow has received the internationally recognized biodegradable certification. When using ZymeFlow Decon Technology, there is no need for emulsion breakers or chlorides to allow separation and the chemical constituents are not a concern for reprocessing recovered hydrocarbons.


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Safety Stats

Zero recordable incidents

REACH & Cefas certified


Free of VOCs


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