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ZymeFlow® Decon Technology offers unique decontamination solutions for process equipment on active platforms and FPSO vessels. As the offshore market continues to change, industry cleaning standards have become outdated and expensive. The ZymeFlow Process is superior to nitrogen purging and traditional chemical cleaning in that it has a very small equipment and personnel footprint, uses Cefas approved chemistry, and shortens the process time drastically. Depending on the vessel, ZymeFlow Decon uses both Boil-Out and Vapour-Phase® application methods to de-oil and eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S), benzene, and other combustible gases (LEL).




ZymeFlow Decon has experience in the decontamination of slugcatchers throughout the world. Slugcatchers are traditionally very hard to clean and contain a high level of sludge, hydrogen sulfide, and possible pyrophoric iron sulfide deposits. The ZymeFlow team has developed an exclusive treatment, most used for finger-type slugcatchers. By applying a proprietary chemistry, contaminants are oxidized inside the vessel and debris/sludge can be safely cleared.


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