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Column and Tower Decontamination

ZymeFlow® Decon Technology can treat any size column or tower using the patented Vapour-Phase® application method. Due to the size of many towers, circulation or fill methods are not possible due to structural, effluent, and water concerns. The Vapour-Phase Process is unique in that the proprietary chemistry is injected into the steam line which travels throughout the designated equipment system. This method allows ZymeFlow to have very few injection points and does not require elaborate hoses, piping, or complicated setup.


ZymeFlow Vapour-Phase decontaminates columns and towers by effectively penetrating all sludge, scale, and metals to target harmful contaminants. Saving time and expense, it simultaneously frees contaminants to the relief system while oxidizing any remaining hydrogen sulfide and pyrophoric iron sulfide. The ZymeFlow Process results in the fastest possible entry into columns and towers. The equipment will be de-oiled and contain zero benzene, zero explosive gases (LEL), zero hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and neutralized pyrophorics after 8-12 hours.


Tower Bottom Treatment


There are many units in the hydrocarbon industry that accumulate heavy deposits or sludge throughout production. During a turnaround these units can be extremely difficult to clean due to buildup of polymers, asphalts, heavy lube oils, and residues. ZymeFlow Decon works with each customer to plan the best solution for entering the tower or vessel as safely and quickly as possible. One of the typical delays in a turnaround is cleaning the tower bottoms before treating the actual tower itself. The technical team works with operations to determine what type of deposits will be difficult to fluidize then advises on a chemical additive to add into a normal oil wash procedure during the turnaround. An oil wash enhancement can be utilized on the whole unit including heavy tower bottoms, exchangers, and process lines.


The main chemistry within the ZymeFlow Decon Technology family for enhancing a standard oil wash treatment is Rezyd-X®. The chemistry fluidizes and softens the deposits to reduce the amount of sludge and condition the remaining deposits for ease of removal. With particular carbon deficient deposits or when an extremely fast result is required, an alternative chemistry, Rezyd-HPTM, is used to soften deposits at an accelerated rate.


The chemistries utilized are organic solvents. They are not petroleum or terpene based therefore do not contribute to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Wash solutions can be sent to crude storage or API separators for easy breakout and recovery.


Treatments for Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide


The ZymeFlow team creates a custom plan for each unique tower or column with information such as column design, feedstock, history of the unit, and utility availability. If there is a history of pyrophorics, additional treatments are recommended for tower trays or packing. A specialty chemistry, Zyme-Ox® Plus, is typically added to trays or packing to begin oxidation of any pyrophoric iron sulfide. Vapour-Phase treatment is then performed. Adding Zyme-Ox Plus ensures the pyrophorics are being treated but does not significantly increase the project timeline.

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