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ZymeFlow® Decon Technology specializes exclusively in the decontamination of hydrocarbon process vessels. Decontamination can be completed in 8-12 hours with minimum effluent using the patented ZymeFlow Vapour-Phase® Process. A successful decontamination project will de-oil the equipment and result in zero hydrogen sulfide (H2S), zero benzene, zero combustible gases (LEL), and treated pyrophoric iron sulfides. The vessel will be ready for entry without the need for fresh air equipment so that inspection and maintenance, including hot work, can be performed.


In a petrochemical facility, ZymeFlow Decon is most applicable in olefin and aromatics process units. ZymeFlow Decon has a wide range of experience including but not limited to ethylene, propylene, styrene, benzene, cumene, toluene, xylene, and phenol. Critical path units, most commonly quench systems, are ZymeFlow Decon’s specialty but decontamination can be performed on any process vessel. ZymeFlow Decon can also be used in some chemical facilities, depending on the feed stock source.


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