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ZymeFlow® Decon Technology owns and applies a dynamic family of proprietary blended chemistries for decontamination in refineries, petrochemical plants, and specialty industrial markets worldwide. The primary chemistry, Zyme-Flow® UN657 has been used in refinery and petrochemical plants for over 25 years. When applied in a Vapour-Phase® application, it is recognized as the industry best practice for decontamination. As the needs of clients change and expand, the R&D department continues to develop new chemicals to meet these requests, creating an extensive product portfolio. The optimal chemistries for each situation are selected and applied by the ZymeFlow team of technical experts in the decontamination field.


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Zyme-Flow® UN657


The core chemistry in the ZymeFlow Decon Technology product line is Zyme-Flow UN657, an aqueous based surfactant, enzyme, and mild oxidizer blend. Zyme-Flow UN657 penetrates sludge to free benzene and other combustible gases while simultaneously oxidizing both hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and pyrophoric iron sulfide (FeS).


The chemistry is extremely unique in that it creates a light emulsion to de-oil equipment internals but demulsifies when quiescent without the use of external emulsion breakers. Most used in Vapour-Phase application but is versatile in both circulation and Boil-Out methods. Zyme-Flow UN657 is biodegradable, non-exothermic, wastewater friendly, compatible with all known metallurgy, and is both REACH and Cefas certified. Zyme-Flow UN657 can be used on almost any piece of process equipment by itself or in combination with other ZymeFlow Decon chemistries.


Rezyd-X® Z67


Rezyd-X is an organic solvent that dissolves or fluidizes heavy hydrocarbon sludge, lube oils, residuals, and some asphalts. Rezyd-X is an organic solvent that is dramatically safer compared to petroleum, citrus, or terpene-based chemicals. The remaining wash solutions can be sent to crude storage or API separators for easy breakout and recovery.


Rezyd-X is most commonly used for oil wash enhancements in tower beds and heavy sludge horizontal vessels. Rezyd-X is often applied in conjunction with Zyme-Flow UN657.


Rezyd-HPTM Z71


The newest chemistry added to the product line is a proprietary blend to fluidize or dissolve hydrogen-deficient hydrocarbon deposits such as asphalts, vacuum residuals, phenol heavy ends, and modified polymeric asphalts. Rezyd-HP is also used to condition hardened coke by dissolving the bonds, leaving loose coke.


Rezyd-HP is an organic solvent that is significantly lower in hazards than traditional cleaning chemicals such as chlorinated solvents or BTX. Recovered hydrocarbons can be reprocessed without a threat of contamination. Rezyd-HP is used primarily in heat exchanger efficiency recovery, conditioning coke, and tower bottom fluidization.


Zyme-Ox® Plus Z50


Zyme-Ox Plus safely oxidizes sulfides, including hydrogen sulfide and pyrophoric iron sulfide as well as eliminates problems with residual ammonia. This chemistry contains a stronger oxidizer than Zyme-Flow UN657, but is still non exothermic. The chemistry can be applied in ambient or cold environments. Zyme-Ox Plus is most commonly used in combination with Zyme-Flow UN657.


The ZymeFlow Decon team uses this chemistry in applications such as pre-bed washes for pyrophoric treatment, demister pads, hydrotreaters, slugcatchers, merox, and amine units.


Zyme-HT® Z11


"The Ammonia Breaker™"


Developed using Zyme-Flow UN657 as the foundation, Zyme-HT removes contaminants including benzene, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and pyrophoric iron sulfide, in addition to residual  ammonia. Used only in a Vapour-Phase application, it oxidizes sulfides and pyrophorics, while neutralizing ammonia trapped in sludge, residuals, and vapor spaces. This unique chemistry is significantly faster than ordinary procedures allowing fast and safe vessel entry.


Zyme-HT was specifically developed to tackle residual ammonia issues most commonly found in hydrotreaters and sulfur recovery units.


Tank Cleaning Chemicals


A separate line of chemistries have been developed specifically for the storage tank cleaning industry. These chemistries are used for technical tank cleaning to reduce manned entry and release the tank faster and safer.


FastEntryTM K15 Heavy Crude Tank Cleaning


K19 Sour Water or Sour Crude Tank Cleaning


K17 Asphalt and Heavy Hydrocarbon Tank Cleaning


Super Tank-ZymeTM


In the United States, TriStar PetroServ, an affiliate under TriStar Global Energy Solutions, has the exclusive rights to apply these chemistries for tank cleaning. For more information, please visit the TriStar PetroServ website. Tank cleaning services outside of the U.S. vary by region. Please contact us for any tank cleaning inquires outside of the United States and we will get back to you with more details.


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To request an MSDS or SDS on any of our chemistries, please fill out this brief form.

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