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Piping Decontamination

The unique Vapour-Phase® application provides ZymeFlow® Decon Technology the ability to excel at the decontamination of piping systems. Specialty water based chemistry is added to standard steam out procedures to clear the piping systems quickly. The chemistry becomes part of the steam and travels throughout the system with as little as one injection point. This process de-oils and eliminates benzene, LEL, and hydrogen sulfide, while oxidizing pyrophoric iron sulfide.


The ZymeFlow Vapour-Phase process treats all contaminants simultaneously therefore steam out time is drastically shortened, ready for inspection and any necessary hot work within hours. Since the chemistry is water based, it will not drop out of the steam but instead will travel as far as the steam will reach. The ZymeFlow chemistry works on piping systems of any size with as little as one injection point.

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