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Health, Safety and the Environment

At ZymeFlow, safety is our top priority: the safety of our employees, our partners, your equipment and the environment. Safety is the value that guides every engagement, which is why we have had zero recordable incidents in the history of the company.

Put Your Trust In Us

From the Arctic Circle to the Middle East, our global teams have been going home safely for more than 30 years. Our safety record is unmatched in the Industry.

We attribute this incredible achievement to our highly experienced personnel, consistent global training, minimum equipment needed for projects, safe chemistry and an unparalleled attention to detail.

Our entire line of environmentally friendly water and solvent based chemistries for decontamination are extremely efficient, safe and free of volatile organic compounds. These uniquely engineered chemistries allow for single step de-oiling, oxidizing and cleaning without safety concerns due to pyrophoric reactions. Another advantage of our chemistries is that they can be used in combination without any harmful side effects. You won't find a safer operation anywhere.

In our commitment to occupational health and safety, ZymeFlow pursued and has been awarded the ISO 45001 Certification. 

Environmental Commitment

Despite their powerful cleaning properties, ZymeFlow chemistries are safe for people, plants and the environment, and have minimal impact on wastewater.  This has been the common foundation of all our chemistries since the invention of our core product over 30 years ago.

Since then, an entire suite of proprietary water and solvent based formulations have been created and utilized. We are the trusted innovators that continue to develop products for the industry's toughest cleaning challenges. Furthermore, the whole family of ZymeFlow chemistries can be used together safely and effectively.

Water-Based Chemistries

  • Fast-acting, simultaneous contaminant treatment and wastewater friendly
  • Can be applied in many different methods including a true Vapour-Phase

Solvent-Based Chemistries

  • Dissolves binders to clean heavily fouled equipment
  • Easily reprocessed in the refinery without negative impact on product streams

All of our solutions provide equal balance of high performance with the pursuit of a cleaner environment.

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We are committed to health and safety – with high-performance decon solutions that have minimal impact on the environment . Put us to the test and we'll provide a custom turnkey plan that outperforms that of our competitors. With safety you can count on – and time-saving results. Let's start the conversation.

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