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As the global decontamination leader for more than 30 years, our advanced chemistries are known worldwide. But we're so much more. Our team of experts and full suite of customized services will get you back online quickly and safely. We are ZymeFlow. Find your solution below.

Stronger Together

We proudly announce that ZymeFlow and CR3, two industry-leading companies, are now under common ownership.

This collaboration will enable both companies to provide our valued customers with a broader spectrum of services, innovative products, and a seamless customer experience. To learn more, click the button below.

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A Custom Solution For Every Job

Heavy Oil

We’re the experts in decontaminating heavy oil units - processing the heaviest and sour crudes from across the globe. Our custom solutions and proprietary chemistry save time while reducing or eliminating mechanical cleaning.

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Hydrotreaters and Hydrocrackers

We have innovative chemistries and applications to effectively clean all parts of hydrotreaters and hydrocrackers. These units typically have H2S and pyrophoric issues and immense amounts of ammonia, and ZymeFlow has decades of experience eliminating these challenges.Discover Our Expertise

Amine and Caustic Treating

Customers worldwide count on ZymeFlow for our tailored approach to cleaning amine and caustic units. These units present unique challenges, and our experts understand what it takes to handle the job. In fact, some vendors rely on us as their standard approach to decontaminating their units.

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Light Ends

These units don’t typically acquire heavy fouling or sludge build up, but they still need to be cleared of benzene and LEL. Our innovative chemistry and approach shortens the timeline to clear for entry. 

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Olefinic Processes

We’ve cleaned some of the largest olefin plants in the world and understand the issues vary dramatically from heavy coke deposits to high levels of benzene. Our experience enables us to execute the best approach for fast and safe entry.

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Chemical Processing

We’re the experts at engineering dynamic decontamination solutions. This is critical when cleaning diverse units in chemical processing. Our team employs the appropriate chemistries and application methods required to give you the best results.

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Other Refinery Components

We have the proven global expertise, innovative chemistries and experienced team to carry out the cleaning of all refinery components for a complete solution. Our projects include not only major equipment but also more unique components from flare systems to pipelines.

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A World Of Experience In Diverse Cleaning Environments

As the industry leader, it's no wonder our customers come to us when they need the very best team. The evidence is clear.

30+Years of Global Decontamination Experience
55+Countries ZymeFlow is Active In
200+Turnaround Projects a Year

The ZymeFlow team will do whatever it takes. They will bend over backwards to help. They consistently look for ways to make the process better and set a higher standard.

Let's get started.

During a turnaround, you expect safety. You want time-saving results. As the undisputed leader in the chemical decon industry, we provide custom solutions and consistently outperform our competitors. We listen. We collaborate. We deliver.

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