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Chemical Decontamination Process

As global industry innovators, we know the business. We have the expertise and proprietary chemistries and processes to create the custom solution for your chemical decontamination needs. We understand the many challenges our customers face and meet those challenges head-on. Let us show you success.

Collaborate With Confidence

For more than three decades, the largest energy companies in the world have depended on ZymeFlow for faster, safer vessel entry. We annually complete over 200 turnaround projects that span more than 55 countries.

From single vessel decontamination to full turnaround, customers trust us for innovative solutions whether it's light ends, heavy oil or anything in between. Using a variety of application methods, we utilize proprietary and safe, yet powerful chemistries that treat contaminants in the vapor, liquid and solid phases simultaneously and have no residual byproducts. We are the global leader in decontamination:

  • Chemistry. A full range of patented, innovative, proprietary, safe chemistries, both water- and solvent-based, developed by in-house chemists
  • Application methods. Proven and adapted application methods tailored to your project
  • Planning. Embedded turnaround planners, with decades of industry experience work with your team, both on and off-site, to develop a plan using best practices and your current shutdown procedures 
  • Global team. Our team consists of professionals from industrial disciplines including engineers, chemists and field operation experts from both refining and petrochemical industries

Four ZymeFlow teammates look over decontamination plans

The Best Chemistry Meets The Right Application

Give us your challenge. We'll give you the custom solution. We utilize application methods and chemistries in a singular or multi-phase approach to achieve maximum results - and we do this more than 200 times a year for our customers around the world.

We have the best chemistry in the industry. PERIOD. 


  • Vapour-Phase
  • Boil Out
  • Circulation
  • Combination Treatments
  • Pre-Post Treatments
  • Dry gas Dispersions


Vapour-Phase is ZymeFlow's exclusive steam injection process. As opposed to steam dispersion, the Vapour-Phase process uses chemistry that carries wherever the steam can reach through a single injection point.

What separates our process from everyone else? The combination of proprietary chemistry and decades of experience to provide safe entry in a shortened timeline when compared to any competitive solution.

  • Remarkably efficient –it requires no extra utilities and a small team to deploy
  • Small footprint - our solution requires minimal equipment
  • Effluent conditioning - our process generates far less effluent than competitive solutions and reduces impact on your wastewater treatment system

We can simultaneously deploy our Vapour-Phase application with other application methods safely to ensure that units are effectively cleaned. Simply put, there's no match for ZymeFlow's Vapour-Phase.


Planning Makes Perfect

The most successful cleaning solution starts with a thorough plan. Our experienced planning team works closely with your onsite technical team, to not only incorporate our best practices and find efficiencies in every step to save time and money.

Discover Our Planning Expertise

Incomparable Chemistry

ZymeFlow set the standard in chemical decontamination with its development of the flagship chemistry ZymeFlow. Since then, an entire suite of proprietary water- and solvent-based formulations have been created and utilized. We are trusted innovators that continue to develop products for the industry's toughest cleaning challenges.  Our entire family of ZymeFlow chemistries are complementary and can be used together safely and effectively. Furthermore, the ZymeFlow family of chemistries are fully compatible with all metallurgy and seal/gasket material.

Water Based

  • Fast-acting and wastewater friendly
  • Simultaneous contaminant treatment - de-oils while eliminating LEL, benzene, H2S, and pyrophorics
  • Can be applied in many different methods including a true Vapour-Phase using steam

Solvent Based

  • Dissolves binders to clean heavily fouled equipment
  • Easily reprocessed in the refinery without negative impact on product stream

A Return Engagement

After successfully completing an initial decontamination project for a South Louisiana refinery, ZymeFlow was invited to return for a large turnaround project. The unit needed to be ready for entry in a short timeframe and ZymeFlow delivered.

Read the Case Study (PDF)

Let’s get started.

As the undisputed leader in the chemical decontamination industry, we provide custom solutions and consistently outperform our competitors. Put our team and experience to work for you. Let's start the conversation.

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