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Effluent Management

Our innovative effluent management solutions eliminate the environmental impact and personnel exposure. We have our own effluent management equipment, giving us the ability to offer turnkey decontamination solutions.

Important to Our Neighbors. Important to Us.

Every decontamination engagement – from a single unit to a full plant shutdown – will produce effluent. However, our team of experts has created innovative chemistries and procedures that reduce the amount of effluent produced, minimizing the impact on wastewater and the environment. For facilities that require it, we a can also provide effluent management equipment for a complete turnkey solution.

Chemistry That Cares

Effective effluent management has been a hallmark of our business for more than 30+ years. In fact, ZymeFlow, our first chemistry, was originally developed for industrial wastewater treatment plants. Since then, ZymeFlow has received the internationally recognized biodegradable certification from a U.S. EPA-certified laboratory.

ZymeFlow water based chemistries expend themselves, so as they react with sulfides, it irreversibly changes structure and becomes water insoluble. As a result, the spent chemistry does not go into the water stream and never ends up in the wastewater treatment plant. When using ZymeFlow, there is no need for emulsion breakers to affect separation, and the chemical constituents are not a concern for reprocessing recovered hydrocarbons.

Effluent Management Equipment 

Our effluent management solutions include all equipment necessary to manage process effluent including complete header systems, scrubbers, pumps and heat exchangers. What does that mean for you? ZymeFlow can be your turnkey provider for your entire decontamination project. 

Wastewater Friendly Effluent

Today, our commitment to safe disposal of effluent is stronger than ever, and our family of water- and solvent-based chemistries continues to have minimal impact on wastewater and the environment. It's just one more reason why ZymeFlow is the superior choice in decontamination. 

We are Precise in Our Planning

Planning for effluent management begins well before the decontamination job ever commences. Our experts use their years of experience to get to know your operation, so we can design a plan that is tailored to your budget, schedule and goals.

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Chemical Decontamination Solutions

Our chemical decontamination solutions are tailored to your specific needs. Our turnkey customized services start with planning and go all the way through to project debrief meetings. We cover every detail so you can be assured that your operation is running safely and at peak efficiency.

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When planning a turnaround, we take every aspect of the decontamination process into account, including effluent management. As the undisputed leader in the chemical decontamination industry, we provide custom solutions and consistently outperform our competitors. We listen. We collaborate. We deliver. Let's talk. 

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