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Effluent Management

Our innovative effluent management solutions can eliminate environmental impact and personnel exposure. For those that require it, our effluent management solutions include everything necessary to manage process effluent including complete header systems, scrubbers, pumps, heat exchangers, knock out drums and experienced personnel. What does that mean for you? ZymeFlow can be the turnkey provider for your entire chemical decontamination project.

Services You Need. A Partner You Trust.

ZymeFlow is known as a world leader in chemical decontamination. We are trusted by our customers to handle chemical decontamination on over 200 turnarounds a year. When ZymeFlow arrives, you know the job will be done well. By using ZymeFlow for effluent management, you can trust the entire job will be covered and make your life easier – one point of contact, a team working seamlessly together for best efficiencies, and precise testing and monitoring throughout the process.

Our effluent management system is custom engineered equipment modules for exactly what you need and not what you don’t. It’s onsite planning to cover every detail. It’s thorough and digital documentation so all involved can have the information. It’s the most tenured mechanical operators in the field to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Effluent management tracking equipment

A Team That Knows

Having a great effluent management solution requires great people. We have operators with decades of experience solely dedicated to effluent management. Our mechanical team engineers each project with a high level of precision and flexibility to truly get you the most efficient system possible. Working hand in hand with our chemical decontamination specialist, we bring the most knowledgeable team in the industry to ensure success from planning to execution to post job. You have enough to worry about during a turnaround, leave this part to a team that performs over 200 turnarounds projects a year – we’ve seen it all, we know what to do, we’ve got you covered.

Effluent Management Equipment 

Decades of experience have taught us the details matter. That’s why ZymeFlow engineers quality systems with seemingly minor differences that create big advantages from specialty headers to knock out drums for safety. On top of that, we’ve added RFID tracking tags to all our equipment so complex equipment packages turn into efficiently managed projects that allow digital visibility to exactly what is at your site and when. Worried about equipment integrity during the busy season? ZymeFlow performs quality assurance and testing after each and every project. In addition, asset tracking software is utilized so that with a simple digital scan, inspection reports can be pulled up in real time on every piece of equipment.

Heat Exchangers

Quality fleet offers 1,500 ft2, ideal for proprietary ZymeFlow Vapour-Phase® chemical decontamination in addition to other needs. U-bend tube and shell model with built-in bypass piping and unique nozzle configurations which allow for the removal of non-condensables from shell side.


Knock Out Drums

Custom designed to allow for an efficient separation of effluent and non-condensables with integrated automated level controllers to allow for a fully automated deinventory process. The unit can be powered completely by solar power or by the temporary power connections complete with automatic battery backup system. Capacity of around 3,500 gallons, 150psig/FV rated, and equipped with multiple flanged connections. In addition, there are multiple redundant level indicators with visual LED strobe alarm and integrated platform to allow for valve operation without the need for scaffolding. 

Steam Supply Headers

Broad selection of steam supply segments so that it can be configured to exactly what is needed for the most efficient setup. Steam supply headers tie into existing steam source and offer the ability to supply steam to an entire unit in case adequate steam is not available.

Drain Headers & Valves

Wide selection of drain header segments, valves, multi-branch headers, tees, elbows, straight pipes, wash-out blinds, reducing spools, injection and drain manifolds, and more to customize a drain header system for each individual customer. Our engineers use all possible options to create the most efficient system for each project.

Specialty & Custom Fabrication

Specialty equipment is available such as high pressure to low pressure adapters and road crossings for congested, high traffic areas. Our engineers also have the ability to custom fabricate for any project when necessary.


Fluid transfer pumps that are dependable complete a quality drain header system. Skid-mounted pneumatic pump systems with ANSI flanges and 3” diaphragm (AOD) and an integrated 4” bypass.


Comprehensive inventory of hoses includes everything necessary to handle all types of streams including hot and cold product stream, hot condensate, and draining waste and steam effluent for all types of turnaround and maintenance activities. All of our equipment, including hoses, are quality tested after each project and reports can be brought up in real time with a simple RFID scan.

Chemistry That Cares

High environmental standards have been a hallmark of our business for more than 35 years. In fact, ZymeFlow UN657, our first chemistry, was originally developed for industrial wastewater treatment plants. Since then, ZymeFlow has received the internationally recognized biodegradable certification from a U.S. EPA-certified laboratory.

ZymeFlow water based chemistries expend themselves, so as they react with sulfides, it irreversibly changes structure and becomes water insoluble. As a result, the spent chemistry does not go into the water stream and never ends up in the wastewater treatment plant. When using ZymeFlow, there is no need for emulsion breakers to affect separation, and the chemical constituents are not a concern for reprocessing recovered hydrocarbons. Today, our commitment to safe disposal of effluent is stronger than ever, and our family of water- and solvent-based chemistries continues to have minimal impact on wastewater and the environment. It's just one more reason why ZymeFlow is the superior choice in decontamination.

We are Precise in Our Planning

Planning for effluent management begins well before the decontamination job ever commences. Our experts use their years of experience to get to know your operation, so we can design a plan that is tailored to your budget, schedule and goals.

Discover Our Planning Expertise

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When planning a turnaround, we take every aspect of the decontamination process into account, including effluent management. As the undisputed leader in the chemical decontamination industry, we provide custom solutions and consistently outperform our competitors. We listen. We collaborate. We deliver. Let's talk. 

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