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Industries We Serve

For more than 30 years, ZymeFlow has been the global innovator in custom decontamination solutions for the refinery, petrochemical and specialty markets industries.

We understand that each industry and its equipment presents its own unique challenges. That's why our team of experts employs a range of proprietary chemistries and applications to get you the fastest and safest re-entry to equipment and return to operations. 

Diverse Solutions for Complex Environments

Refining Industry

ZymeFlow specializes in decontamination and cleaning of refinery process vessels, from single units to full turnarounds. In fact, we execute more than 200 turnaround projects annually with experience in over 55 countries. We have applied our industry-leading chemistry to almost every process unit in a refinery. On top of that, we have zero recordable safety incidents in our 30 plus year history.

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Petrochemical Industry

The same ZymeFlow technology used in refineries is an effective decontamination solution for ethylene and other olefin plants as well as most base chemical processes. Some intermediate chemical processes can also benefit from this decontamination technology with strategies developed to fit your particular need.

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Gas Processing

ZymeFlow has been working in gas processing plants for decades and is the only provider called back time and time again to tackle the biggest, most dangerous cleaning projects in the world. Our patented chemistry, tailored application methods, and experienced team can handle any challenge from upstream to midstream, including gas plants, compression stations and pipeline facilities.

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Specialty Markets

ZymeFlow also serves a select group of specialty markets with unique decontamination challenges. We provide solutions for offshore units as well as the pulp and paper industries, just to name a few. In each of these markets, ZymeFlow delivers the same outcomes of faster, safer, vessel entry.

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We recognize that each industry presents its own challenges and objectives; that's where our experience makes us the superior choice. Put us to the test and we'll provide a custom turnkey solution that outperforms that of our competitors. With safety you can count on – and time-saving results. Let's start the conversation.

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