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Petrochemical Cleaning Experience

The same expert technology we apply in refineries is an effective decontamination solution for ethylene and other olefin plants as well as most base chemical processes.  Our chemistries are designed for sensitive areas like compressors and quench towers, which demand more aggressive treatments.  Some intermediate chemical processes can also benefit from this decontamination technology.  We can customize the perfect solution to meet your specific challenge.

A Growing Market With Growing Challenges

For more than a decade, global petrochemical operators like Dow, Sabic, Equate and more have turned to our targeted solutions for hydrocarbon process equipment decontamination. We have a wide range of experience with olefins and aromatics like ethylene, propylene, styrene, benzene, cumene, toluene, xylene, and phenol.

Critical path units are our specialty.  Due to the size of many towers, circulation or fill methods are not possible due to structural, effluent, and water concerns.  Our patented Vapour-Phase process decontaminates columns and towers by effectively penetrating all sludge and scale to target harmful contaminants.  It simultaneously frees hydrocarbon including benzene to the relief system while oxidizing any remaining hydrogen sulfide and pyrophoric iron sulfide - saving you time and money.

Unit Service Solutions And Expertise Unite

We are leaders in the industry for a reason.  Using our proprietary technologies, we can deconatminate hydrocarbon process vessels in as few as 8 to 12 hours with minimum effluent.   We are planners, engineers and chemists - all working as a team to provide you the best service.

Discover Our Expertise

Petrochemical  Units

  • Quench
  • Compression
  • Fractionation
  • Caustic Amine

A Full Petrochemical Plant Decontamination

A petrochemical plant in Kuwait approached us for a turnaround that included ethylene, polyethylene, ethylene glycol and utilities units. An unprecedented 30 day window was scheduled in which to complete decontamination, internal inspection, de-bottlenecking, and repairs. We delivered.

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Let's get started.

During a turnaround, you expect safety. You want time-saving results. As the undisputed leader in the chemical decon industry, we provide custom solutions and consistently outperform our competitors. We listen. We collaborate. We deliver.

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