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Specialty Market Expertise

ZymeFlow has the experienced team, targeted chemistries and applications to customize a solution for the most demanding environments.  Specialty markets – like offshore and pulp and paper – present their own unique challenges when it comes to chemical decontamination.  Read about our experience and innovative approach below. 

Specialty Industrial Market Solutions

Offshore Unit Decontamination

Offshore decontamination on active platforms presents all the same challenges as those processing onshore. Additional issues include constricted space (limited personnel accomodation and equipment footprint availability) and effluent storage/handling.  

Our single-step solution addresses these challenges head-on, utilizing thorough planning and customization. We are a perfect fit for offshore engagements, with CEFAS-approved chemistry and a process requiring minimal people and equipment, for a time-saving solution that reduces shifts of extra labor onboard and eliminates the need for costly nitrogen purging.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper mills have their own cleaning challenges. They are plagued by explosive gases and odor-causing contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and LEL including methanol and formaldehyde that must be regularly eliminated.

The ZymeFlow team of experts know how to effectively clear these contaminants from scrubbers, separators, stripping columns, evaporators, gas recovery circuits and other process equipment using the proprietary chemistries that we've customized and perfected over decades. ZymeFlow products and technology can dramatically improve the safety associated with cleaning caustic digestors by seamless inclusion in existing acid cleaning procedures to eliminate evolved H2S.

The combination of our chemistries and innovative application methods allow us to achieve the best results in the industry.


Learn more about our successful custom decontamination solutions. Our Resources page includes case studies, white papers, presentations and information about our industry leadership and innovation. When you see what we've done for others, you'll understand what we can do for you.

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ZymeFlow recognizes that specialty industries present their own challenges and objectives; that's where our expertise makes us the superior choice. With experience in a myriad of facilities,  we're equipped to provide a custom turnkey solution that outperforms the competition with safety you can count on.

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