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We've always been green. On top of our own dedication to sustainability, ZymeFlow is helping our clients and partners reach their carbon reduction goals.

ZymeFlow radically changed the chemical cleaning industry over 35 years ago by providing biodegradable, safe, yet powerful chemistries and application methods. Our practices were so effective, they have become the global standard for preparing vessels for entry. Through the years, we haven’t backed down. Today, we are just as committed to the environment and helping our customers achieve their own green goals.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

ZymeFlow is dedicated to helping our customers improve their energy efficiency. Keeping heat exchangers running optimally can drastically reduce energy consumption and eliminate costly unplanned turnarounds. We offer several options to address heat loss in these units including:

  • True Online Cleaning - inject chemistry directly into the feed
  • Isolation - bypass individual heat exchangers to circulate chemistry while unit stays online
  • Preventative Maintenance Program - analyze and recommend a program to optimize your exchangers in between turnarounds before fouling even starts

All options keep your units running optimally so less energy is needed and less turnarounds are required, ultimately getting you closer to your carbon reduction goals.

Reduction in Waste

All of our solutions provide equal balance of high performance with the pursuit of a cleaner environment.

Our foundational chemistry, ZymeFlow UN657, is part of a water based line of chemistry that is extremely effective at de-oiling and clearing all contaminants while at the same time it is biodegradable, has a self-breaking emulsion, and used in a vapour-phase application. What does all of that mean to you? A fraction of effluent, no chemistry waste to dispose of, and some of the safest chemistries in the world to handle.

Our powerful solvent line of chemistry is extremely effective at cleaning the most heavily fouled equipment in the plant. However, our proprietary blended chemistries can be reprocessed inside the plant without negative impact on product streams. 

Improving Heat Exchanger Efficiency

ZymeFlow was engaged by a large refinery in the US to improve heat exchanger efficiency of a series of pre-heat exchanger on a diesel hydrotreater unit experiencing quickly diminishing capacity. ZymeFlow was able to greatly improve heat exchanger efficiency including over 70% increase in U value using true online cleaning.

Read the Case Study (PDF)

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We are committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals. Whether that's using green chemistry, utilizing superior procedures, or developing a custom plan. Let's start the conversation.

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