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Light End Units

We have experience decontaminating and clearing light end units across the globe. Although these units typically aren't critical path, they still can be cleaned to compress total timeline and create efficiencies that otherwise might be undiscovered.  

An Area We Don't Take Lightly

Light end units typically don't accrue heavy fouling or sludge build-up, but it's still important that they be cleaned to clear benzene and LEL. Benzene can often be difficult to remove using conventional methods. Our unique chemistry and applications can shorten the timeline it takes to clear these units for entry.

Among others, we have experience in eliminating contaminants from:

  • Benzene
  • Toluene
  • Cumene
  • Unsaturated gas
  • Isomerization

Explore the different light ends solutions below and read more about how we've successfully cleaned each of these units.

Common Benzene, Toluene and Xylene Unit Challenges

  • High levels of Benzene
  • High levels of LEL
  • Metallurgical concerns
  • Seal concerns

Common Light Ends Fractionation Unit Challenges

  • Limited isolation
  • LEL/Benzene removal issues
  • Tall towers issues

Common Unsat/Sat Gas Unit Challenges

  • Fouling inlcuding scale and light oil
  • Pyrophorics
  • High levels in H2S
  • High levels of benzene
  • Difficulties cleaning compressor system/heating

Engineered Planning in Action

Whether it's a single light ends unit or a full turnaround, successful chemical decontamination begins with thorough planning well before work begins. Our team of experts collaborate with you to create a custom solution – chemistry, procedures and staffing – for the entire timeline of the decontamination process.

Discover The Benefits of Planning

Let's get started.

Specific units – like light ends – require specific decontamination solutions that balance safety with time-saving results. As the undisputed leader in the chemical decontamination industry, we provide custom solutions and consistently outperform our competitors. We listen. We collaborate. We deliver. Let's talk. 

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