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Other Components We Clean

ZymeFlow offers innovative solutions for even the most unique applications in the refinery. You can count on us to get the job done quickly and safely for faster, safer entry and maintenance.

Expertise Beyond The Standard

For cleaning all other components in the refinery process, you can count on the team at ZymeFlow and our innovative chemistries and applications. We offer specialized solutions for lube oil/lube extraction, flare drums and water seals, flare systems/fuel gas, pipelines and more. We deliver complete solutions that safely return you to productivity and optimized operations. 

Explore the different components and their challenges below and discover how we've successfully cleaned these units.

Common Lube Extraction Unit Challenges

  • Odiferous process concerns
  • Sludge in certain circuits
  • Plugging and fouling issues


Common Flare Drums and Water Seals Challenges

  • High sulfide levels
  • Usually no level indication
  • Unknown contaminant levels; typically fed by multiple units
  • Limited valving and steam injection points

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Common Flare Systems/Fuel Gas Challenges

  • Extremely pyrophoric
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Hydrocarbon buildup
  • Lack of isolation
  • Dead legs
  • Difficult design (limited access, poor draining, length)


Common Pipeline Challenges

  • High in LEL
  • Fouled lines with hydrocarbon deposits
  • Utility availability
  • Massive amounts of FeS deposition in stream filters (black powder)
  • Limited in bleeds for steaming and draining 
  • Long pipe runs/ limited isolation


Refinery Services In Action

For all the diverse and varied critical components in the refinery process, you can count on our talented people, more than 30 years of expertise and global knowledge for expert solutions to the toughest challenges.

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The range of various refinery components demands decontamination solutions that balance safety with time-saving results. As the undisputed leader in the chemical decontamination industry, we provide custom solutions and consistently outperform our competitors. We listen. We collaborate. We deliver.

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