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Amine and Caustic Unit Treating

ZymeFlow has the unique chemistry and immense experience to make us the leader in amine and caustic unit cleaning. Below you'll discover why some vendors even recommend us in their standard approach to cleaning their units.

Specialized Amine And Caustic Expertise

Cleaning amine and caustic units require custom solutions from planning through post-job analysis. These units not only have high amounts of hydrogen sulfide and pyrophoric concerns but are unique and delicate pieces of equipment susceptible to damage.

Thanks to our decades of experience, we know what issues to look out for when developing our tailored approach. These issues often include ph issues, temperature limitations, and embrittlement, among others. ZymeFlow has specific chemistries and applications tailored for amine and caustic units that, when planned and deployed properly, will not harm the equipment or cause any issues upon start-up.

Explore the common issues with different amine and caustic treating components below and see the innovative ways in which we've cleaned each type. 

Common Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Challenges

  • Elevated levels of H2S
  • Sludge and LEL in the flash drum
  • Residual ammonia
  • Pyrophoric material
  • Concern with regenerators


Common Merox Challenges

  • Odor control
  • Mercaptan elimination
  • Large quantities of H2S
  • Caustic cracking concerns
  • LELremoval

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Refinery Expertise In Action

Whether treating the amine and caustic units, or any other component in the refinery process, you can count on our talented people, more than 30 years of expertise and global knowledge for expert solutions to the toughest challenges.

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Specific units require specific decontamination solutions that balance safety with time-saving results. As the undisputed leader in the chemical decontamination industry, we provide custom solutions and consistently outperform our competitors. We listen. We collaborate. We deliver.

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