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Reduction of Time and Volume of Water Washes in Caustic Treating


 All previous decontamination efforts in a Merox system had required numerous water washes and several chemical applications to reduce contaminants within required range. This often took excessive time and created large volumes of waste.  Furthermore, odor control issues oftern persisted due to mercaptans. 


ZymeFlow decontamination  was contracted and our patented chemistries and methodologies were able to eliminate most of the water flushing. Since Zyme-Ox® Z50’s pH range is relatively unlimited, we proceeded to inject this chemistry into a circulation and were able to save the customer the time of performing at least three more water washes. This provided significant savings in water usage and waste, while cutting at least 2 – 2.5 shifts from the overall cleaning timeline.  Zyme-Ox® Z50 also eliminated the bulk of the mercaptans leaving the vessel relatively odor free.